05/01/2024 Added JASPAR 2024 (see blog)
22/12/2023 Updated EEADannot with plant motifs and sites manually curated at EEAD-CSIC
21/12/2023 Updated 3d-footprint
09/10/2023 Adopted python3-weblogo & ghostscript
31/05/2023 Updated motif & FASTA downloads after reviewing licenses
07/03/2023 Moved to new server and updated URL; SOAP interface deprecated, details in blog
24/02/2023 Updated motif & FASTA downloads, which are now CC-BY-NC-SA
23/02/2023 Updated 3D-footprint & interface residues
22/92/2023 Updated EEADannot with plant motifs and sites manually curated at EEAD-CSIC
31/05/2022 Updated 3D-footprint & interface residues, synced with RSAT (see blog)
03/03/2022 Updated user manual, see how to build a URL for a motif at our blog

The data are regularly curated from public databases and the literature; interfaces are inferred from the collection of protein-DNA complexes at 3D-footprint:

total unique metazoa plants
Transcription Factors 9956 7304 4839 1242
DNA motifs (PSSM) 17091 14803 8893 2944
DNA Binding Sites/Sequences 68358

footprintDB predicts:

  1. Transcription factors which bind a specific DNA site or motif
  2. DNA motifs or sites likely to be recognized by a specific DNA-binding protein
footprintDB working schema
footprintDB Search footprintDB Tutorial

Disclaimer and license

These data are available AS IS and at your own risk. The EEAD/CSIC do not give any representation or warranty nor assume any liability or responsibility for the data nor the results posted (whether as to their accuracy, completeness, quality or otherwise). Access to these data is available free of charge for ordinary use in the course of research. Downloaded data have CC-BY-NC-SA license. FootprintDB is also available at RSAT::Plants, part of the INB/ELIXIR-ES resources portfolio.