DNA Binding Motif

Accessions: 3jxc_L (3D-footprint 20231221)
Names: Repressor protein C2
Organisms: Enterobacteria phage P22
Libraries: 3D-footprint 20231221 1
1 Contreras-Moreira B. 3D-footprint: a database for the structural analysis of protein-DNA complexes. Nucleic acids research 38:D91-7 (2010). [Pubmed]
Description: Crystal structure of the P22 c2 repressor protein in complex with synthetic operator 9T in the presence of Tl+
Length: 5
Consensus: TTAAG
01 9 11 9 67 T
02 9 9 9 69 T
03 96 0 0 0 A
04 96 0 0 0 A
05 11 9 67 9 G
Binding TFs: 3jxc_L (Helix-turn-helix, Helix-turn-helix domain, Cro/C1-type HTH DNA-binding domain, Helix-turn-helix domain)
Binding Sites: 3jxc_A / 3jxc_B
Publications: Watkins D, Mohan S, Koudelka G.B, Williams L.D. Sequence recognition of DNA by protein-induced conformational transitions. Journal of molecular biology 396:1145-64 (2010). [Pubmed]

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